It seems people like pizza a lot. So much to think that everything in Italy is about pizza.

Is there a Leaning Tower of Pizza in Italy?
As a matter of fact, there isn't.

Here is what you'll find instead...

The Leaning Tower is named after the Italian city where it is located: Pisa.
The full name of the monument is Leaning Tower of Pisa.
Calling it "Leaning Tower of Pizza" or (Leaning Tower of Piza) is a mistake often people do while searching for it on the web.

Probably it has nothing to do with the pizza we eat and it is just a typo. However, it is a funny little fact that deserves some attention.

While the Tower of Pisa was built in the 14th century (1173 - 1372), the first modern version of pizza was baked on 11th June 1889 - so says the legend about the invention of pizza.
Anyway, in more primitive form, pizza has been around long before that. According to Wikipedia early versions of pizza are dated even 2000 years ago!

Since you are on this page, you were probably not looking for pizza but for the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Here is some quick information we can help you with:

  • Height: 100 Pisan Arms (ancient unit of measure, equals 58.36 meters);
  • Age: about 850 years;
  • Tilt: 3.9°;
  • Steps to the top: 269 (we have the count on video!);
  • Material: white marble and limestone;
  • Architect: unknown (probably Bonanno Pisano or Diotisalvi)
  • Owner: Opera Primaziale Pisana;
  • Originally built straight: as a freestanding bell tower for the nearby Cathedral;
  • Started to lean: in 1178;
  • Maximum inclination: 5.5° in 1993;
  • Straightening works: 1990 - 2001, from 5.5* to 3.9°

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