If you're wondering "where is the leaning tower of Pisa?", the answer is very simple, and it's right there in the question...

In fact, the famous Leaning Tower is located in the town of Pisa, in Italy , and it stands on a grassy field known as the "Square of Miracles".

Pisa is a small town in Italy, counting about 90 000 residents (2022).

The Province of Pisa is located in the beautiful region of Tuscany, in a very convenient geographical position.

In fact, from the site of the Leaning Tower, it takes just a 20-minute drive to reach the sea and the nearby port (and sandy beaches) and just about one hour to get to the base of the highest mountain in the area - Pania della Croce - which summit stands 1868 meters (6128 ft) over the sea level.

YES! ...in Pisa one can start the day climbing a mountain and end it with a walk on the beach!

What country is the leaning tower of Pisa in?

In case you missed it, Pisa is in Italy, and it's very well connected to other major cities in the country of pizza.

leaning tower pisa distances

From Pisa, through roads and public transport (train), you can reach several other famous cities, many of them on a day trip!

Here is a list of travel times to reach the major nearby locations of touristic interest:

City by car by train
Lucca 25min 60min
Florence 2h 1h 15min
Genoa 2h 3h 45min
Milan 3h 15min 3h 45min
Venice 3h 30min 5h
Rome 4h 3h


Where is the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

The Tower itself is located in a grassy field known as "Piazza dei Miracoli", which translates to English as "Square of Miracles".

The Square of Miracles is located in the northern part of Pisa, about 1km (less than 1 mile) from the very center of the town of the Leaning Tower.

leaning tower pisa arno

The river Arno, which goes through Pisa, dividing it into North and South parts, is a 10min walk far (800m).

The official address of the Tower is:

Piazza del Duomo, 56126 Pisa, PI, Italy


The GPS coordinates of the Tower are:

43.722952, 10.396576

What's close to the Leaning Tower?

The Square of Miracles is listed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and it is home to unique monuments such as:

  • the Leaning Tower itself:
  • the "Duomo di Pisa" - monumental Cathedral of Santa Maria, of which the Tower is the freestanding bell tower;
  • the "Battistero di San Giovanni" - baptismal font in a round monumental building;
  • the "Camposanto Monumentale" - monumental Cemetery;
  • the "Museo delle Sinopie" - museum of historical fresco paintings;
  • the "Lupa Capitolina" - obelisk;
  • the "Fontana dei Putti" - a fountain with angels.

Is Piazza dei Miracoli a safe place?

Every day thousands of tourists make their way to Pisa and walk their way through the Square of Miracles (yes, it is a pedestrian area) to admire the Tower and the nearby monuments.

From September till July, especially when it's sunny and hot, dozens of students from the nearby University spend their breaks on the green grass of the Square.

Technically, walking onto the grass of the Square is forbidden.

However, the private Security is quite flexible, and people are generally allowed to sit or lay down on the grass, as long the lawn is not endangered.

According to the website "Numbeo", Pisa is relatively safe during the day, but walking around alone may be a bit more dangerous at night (https://www.numbeo.com/crime/in/Pisa).

How long to stay in Pisa?

Pisa has several other interesting monuments, churches, and squares to visit.

In Pisa, one can start the day by climbing a mountain and end it with a walk on the beach!

The Ideal stay for visiting the Town is two days, unless you plan to use Pisa as a base to have an extended stay in Tuscany and enjoy its seaside and mountains.

In that case, you can plan activities for up to two weeks.

Useful information for your journey

Here is a short list of useful information for your trip:

  • Continent: Europe
  • Country: Italy
  • Region: Tuscany
  • City: Pisa
  • International Dialing Code: +39
  • Pisa GPS Coordinates: 43.7167° N, 10.4000° E
  • Altitude: 4 m (13 ft)
  • Currency: Euro (EUR)
  • Language: Italian
  • Pisa Time Zone: UTC/GMT +1 hour
  • City Population: 89,828 [2022]
  • Population Density: 485 [2022]
  • Average Temperature High: 84.9 °F / 29.4 °C
  • Average Temperature Low: 36°F / 2.2°C

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